When you invest in property you invest for a reason — to grow your wealth through astute property investment.

You strive to ensure that you have a long term investment strategy that will not stop at one property and grow a portfolio that will set you and your family up for the future.

The hard work should be done, you have purchased your investment property; however one of the most challenging and important decisions is to come, who will look after and manage your investment property like it’s their own?


Making the right choice in property management companies to manage and maintain your investment to the highest of standards is critical for the ongoing capital growth and return on your investment.

The wrong decision can be costly.

Communication, inspections, maintenance, marketing and payments made on time should form the foundation for a trusting and ongoing relationship that will continue to build from one property to the next as your portfolio grows. Taking shortcuts with the foundations will only lead to things going wrong in time.

We take communication seriously and understand that it is critical for any long term business relationship. Your investment is treated like it’s our investment and you will be fully informed on any activity that you should be aware. There is more to property management than simply collecting rent on your behalf, and you will receive update calls on a regular basis to inform you of market conditions, property maintenance updates and answer any real estate questions you may have.


Knowledge and understanding the complexities of the rental market can only come from experience. Yields, vacancy rates, days on market and local market fluctuations or demands are key performance indicators that must be understood to ensure all bases are covered with your most valuable investment and you are aware of the expectations.

Legislation can impact greatly on your investment experience. Your agent must be fully informed of the legislative requirements of both landlords and tenants to ensure your investment is managed effectively, without disputes and providing you with peace of mind.

Dealing directly with Natalie Greatrex, you will receive personalised attention from an experienced property manager with over 12 years experience.

Constant communication will ensure you are always informed, always up to date and will be with you all the way in your investment experience.

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